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  • The mitersplash edger is a 1-of-a-kind flat edge polisher and perfect miter seam cutting machine-in-1
  • The mitersplash is designed to be able to polish 4″ backsplash and large countertop pieces up to 100″ wide which vertical backsplash polishers can not do
  • The mitersplash also cuts at a 45 degree angle with polish faces down on the belt thus ensuring precise seam positioning when doing miters
  • The standard mitersplash comes equipped with 5 polishing motor heads, 2 chamfering motors, and 1 miter cutting unit at the end
  • A floater system also comes standard which causes a girating motion of polishing heads that guarantees a completely polished flat edge
  • Up to 3″ thick material can be ran thru the mitersplash
  • 2-3 linear feet per minute of 3cm polishing speed on flat edge
  • 0″ per minute 3cm speed of miter cutting

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Top of the line in it's industry

Footprint17" to 22" long by 7" wide by 6" high
Motor25HP Saccardo 50mm Arbor Shaft
Polished ProfilesFull Bullnose, Half Bullnose, Bevel, Flat Polish, Ogee, Triple Waterfall, Dupont
Blade3 hp Diamond shaping motor & 2 hp Abrasive motors
AirContinuous 125 psi, 10 cfm
Water45 Gal/Min
Machine Weight11,000 14,000 lbs
Electrical Power230 Volt 3 Phase 60 Amp

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Available Attachments

  • Motorized support bar
  • Collection pan under machine
  • Extra polishing heads (7 or 9 instead of 5) on polishing gantry
  • V Groove Feature - Extra motor for also cutting strip-automatic veinmatching
  • Motorized calibrating diamond
  • Bevel Profile Feature

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